Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well I was going to start blogging again....

But I cant find the cord I need to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer...
Its been 4 months since I blog and of course the night I actually sit down to try and start this thing up again, the cord has magically disappeared... 

And lets be honest who wants to read just a bunch of my blabbing, 
I always feel like my blog posts are more interesting with pictures...

So long story short, please continue to be patient with me. 
If I cant find the cord by Saturday I'm off to buy a new one

oh and headphones because both mine and Brian's headphones have ran away
I bet they are with the camera/computer transfer cord

And yes I've finally got back into a work out routine
and have no headphones! 

Have you ever worked out without head phones/music
its REALLY hard! 

Basically now you are caught up with my life :) 

<3 Ashley 

1 comment:

  1. I would love to read lots of your "blabbing"...haha. Even without pictures! Miss you tons!