Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well I was going to start blogging again....

But I cant find the cord I need to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer...
Its been 4 months since I blog and of course the night I actually sit down to try and start this thing up again, the cord has magically disappeared... 

And lets be honest who wants to read just a bunch of my blabbing, 
I always feel like my blog posts are more interesting with pictures...

So long story short, please continue to be patient with me. 
If I cant find the cord by Saturday I'm off to buy a new one

oh and headphones because both mine and Brian's headphones have ran away
I bet they are with the camera/computer transfer cord

And yes I've finally got back into a work out routine
and have no headphones! 

Have you ever worked out without head phones/music
its REALLY hard! 

Basically now you are caught up with my life :) 

<3 Ashley 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th!!!!!!

I LOVE the 4th of July!!!! 
It is probably one of my favorite holidays!
summer, BBQ, water, family, friends, Fireworks
it doesn't get much better then that! 

Enjoying the Rexburg Parade

 all the kids lining up to get candy!!!
 The boys pumping up the water tramp at Rigby lake
Waiting for the fireworks in Idaho Falls! This was my first 4th in Idaho and we have heard lots of good things about the fireworks in idaho falls we decided we had to check them out! Yup it was worth it! Brian caught the finale on video! ENJOY!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The calm before the storm...

our house is about to go from 2 to 12 in a few hours.....

I hope our little apartment can handle all the people and that our neighbors don't hate us by tomorrow! 

Were excited to have everyone here! 

get ready:
Mark, Angie, Parker, Kasidee, Addison, Bailey, Reilynn
Cory, Lori and Payden! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my best friend Heather's birthday! She was born on 6-7-89, funny huh! :) 
Heather is one of my best friends and I am so happy that she is my friend! We have been friends since we were about 10 and now that we are both married and live far apart, we are still close and I love that when we see each other we pick up right where we left off :) 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

How did i get so lucky?

I find that I ask myself this a lot more lately.
I really lucked out with an awesome Husband that puts up with my craziness and random ideas! 

Not only does he put up with it but he is always right there helping make my ideas reality! 

My parents were in town visiting last weekend for memorial day (check back later for that post!) 

There is this really awesome building here in Rexburg that me and my roommates took pictures in front of a few years ago...

Well i think that the building is really neat, its old and this really pretty teal color, so you can see why I was so sad when I noticed a few weeks ago that they were going to take it down.

K back to my parents, There is no one I know that loves to take pictures more then my mom :) so I knew she would be on my side and help me convince Brian to take pictures by the building! 

Unfortunately after engagements and wedding pictures Brian is pretty worn out in the picture business... But like i said in the beginning, he's a trooper. 

Little did we know that this awesome building was located in front of an awesome old shed that had fallen down. 
The minute we saw the shed though we both agreed we needed the old wood for some thing! 

We left without the wood, I was thinking that Brian would go back in a few days after my parents left and get the wood

As soon as we got home tought brian said he wanted to go back and get it. So him and my dad grabbed some hammers and headed back over

The wood was awesome and We both agreed it would look so cool as a headboard

Now let me explain....
I have wanted a head board from the minute we moved into our apartment, I just couldn't decide on what kind, There are so many out there! 

Brian took the initiative and went to work the next day. 

Here it is! 

So what do you think??? 

We didn't have to do anything to the wood, mother nature did all distressing it needed! :)

Sorry for such a long post! 

1 year down

On Tuesday I will officially be done with my 1st year of teaching! (Student's have been out since the 25th but I have meetings till the 5th) 

It has been an adventure! I wish I could say I loved every minute of it but, that wouldn't be true (it's my first year, which everyone says is the hardest and most challenging). 

I learned A LOT this year
I grew as a person and as a teacher
There were hard times...
more good times! 

I feel like my year was a success. For my first year I feel like I did a really good job, obviously I have a lot  of room to grow but that is what I am excited for next year. 

I will be teaching at the same school, Rigby High School, and teaching the same grade/classes.

I wish I had more pictures to share but I didn't do a very good job taking pictures of my room....

But you might remember my high school humor post a while back

My kids crack me up. I've ran into a few students outside of class, that's definitely an interesting experience. I remember when i was a student running into teachers and always feeling awkward, now i know that teachers feel the same way :) 

No that I get a break from work I'm excited to get some projects done and blog about them :) hopefully I still have people who check out this blog... If not i guess it's for me and Brian too :) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If you haven't noticed I have been M.I.A. lately! I haven't blogged since February! 

I just thought I would let everyone know that we are still alive! 

I would just like to blame my absence on my 1st year of teaching and new church calling :) 

Life never has a dull moment! 

Just thought you should know that you can expect great things from me in exactly 3 1/2 weeks because that is when my summer break begins and you know I'm going to enjoy every minute of it! 

Until then keep posting because I love looking at all of your blogs!